Identified visitor data

Using the integrations and enrichment features of Unless, it is possible to add traits to an identified visitor.

A customer may opt to use Unless for identified visitors as well. This can be done by submitting the email address of the website visitor to Unless.

Data points

The following traits can be handled by Unless, and stored in our European data warehouse cluster or available for segmentation - or both.

Identify API and email add-ons

The Identify API accepts an email address as a key to identify a visitor. The email address is stored in a special database in Europe. Email capturing add-ons (for example newsletter lead generation popups) use the Identify API under the hood.


If a visitor is identified by the Identify API or an email capture add-on, additional data points may be added to the visitor profile through "auto-enrichment". Customers can choose for auto-enrichment through Clearbit.

Clearbit is a third-party service that returns the following data points, aggregated from publicly available sources on the internet. Data points are stored in our data warehouse in Europe, with the exception of the starred given and family names. These elements are stored in a separate database in Europe.

Data point Stored Available for segmentation
Given name * Yes Yes
Family name * Yes Yes
Avatar Yes Yes
Company name Yes Yes
Company domain Yes Yes
Job title Yes Yes
Job role Yes Yes
Seniority Yes Yes
Twitter followers Yes Yes
Twitter handle Yes Yes
Github followers Yes Yes
Github handle Yes Yes
Industry Yes Yes
SIC code Yes Yes
Number of company employees Yes Yes
Alexa US rank Yes Yes
Alexa global rank Yes Yes
Money raised Yes Yes
Estimated annual revenue Yes Yes

Custom traits

Customers may choose to add their own traits to identified visitors, for example from an integration with their CRM system.