Ship new functionality faster. Connect your data sources, segment visitors into audiences, and test your ideas to optimize your product's performance.

Feature management

Launch new features quickly using our library of predesigned components and WYSIWYG editor, without the need to access the code. Optionally, build entirely new custom components yourself using our open-source libraries or request one from us.

Customer recognition

Combine everything you know about your prospects under a unified customer identity using our integrations. In addition to known contacts, segment anonymous traffic using 30+ targeting conditions based on context, behavior, traits, and predictions. All of this allowing you to get a better picture of your visitors.

Data orchestration

Unlock silos and create a 360-view on your customers with our open integration ecosystem and API. Combine data from your analytics software, third party services, and even offline sources. By aggregating your existing data under a unified customer identity, you can offer a 1-on-1 personalized user journey, and enrich what you know about your customers.

A/B testing

Perform A/B/n tests across channels or devices, automatically validated against business goals. See how each experience is performing in relation to the overall goals you set in your account, or compared to other experiences, and which audiences are most successful. Track micro-goals, add as many variations as you like, run an experiment super fast with a 50/50 control group or opt for continuous validation with a 90/10 split - so more visitors can benefit.

"Using custom drop-in components of Unless made our in-app messages 30x faster! And the integration with Visma Data Lake opened even more doors for better user experiences."
MADS JOHANSEN, Team Lead - Marketing Automation at Visma e-conomic

Frequently asked questions

An experience is a piece of content (text, image, or HTML) that has been specifically altered to match the expectations of a certain audience. You can apply multiple experiences to a web page, for multiple audiences.

We have inline components that include testimonials, content, CTAs, and more. There are also overlays you can use such as bars, pop-ups, side-boxes, and self-segmentation. If you have an idea for a component, contact us!

Sure! We will pump out more components frequently. If you have any good ideas, feel free to let us know!